Words and Word Combinations of Russian and American Military Conversational Interaction

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The present dictionary is made up of a military lexicon of two countries --- Russia and the United States. The army jargon presented in the dictionary belongs to the synthesizing varieties of speech that absorbed the layers of youth, criminal and other sociodialts. The peculiarity of this lexicographic work can be attributed to its synthetic nature: in addition to two large sections --- the Russian-English and the English-Russian dictionary, the book also contains thematic series of jargon (thesauri) after each section. In the thesauruses, the reader will find the names of weapons in English and Russian, get acquainted with the soldier's humor of the two countries, see how the servicemen of these states treat the local population, entertainment and soldiers' routine, and finally, the war.
The peculiarities of the dictionary include the construction of a dictionary article, which not only provides the normative equivalent of military jargon and examples of its use in speech, but also its translation into Russian or English. Whenever possible, a corresponding word in another language is selected for jargon.
The dictionary is intended for linguistic lexicographers, whose study of its lexical corpus will make it possible to clarify the functions of soldier's jargon, to study its etymology and metaphorization processes; Sociologists who will find in it reflected in words the relationship between subordinates and commanders, recruits and "grandfathers"; Culturologists and psychologists who will see the similarities and differences in the emotional-volitional sphere of the personality of the Russian and American soldier. The dictionary will also be useful for foreigners who have to deal with a huge layer of Russian military vocabulary --- in fact, the second foreign language. In addition, he will serve as a reliable assistant for the interpretation of military jargon in the media, in literary works, in the speech of people discussing military topics